Our Jewelry

At Global Zen Life, we believe that jewelry should be unique, genuine, and enduring

Our unique jewelry designs draw their inspiration from nature, since we believe that nothing is more beautiful than nature itself 

While our designers follow the fashion trends and incorporate the latest design elements when they complement our collection, we always maintain our own original style that celebrates the splendor and diversity of our planet. Our proprietary jewelry pieces are designed in-house and custom cast to reflect our signature style and the symbolism associated with Global Zen Life’s philosophy and ideals. We feel that this distinctive design is part of what makes Global Zen Life jewelry so special. For this reason, we do not attempt to imitate whatever look is flooding the market at any particular point in time. By staying true to our core values and signature style, we ensure that Global Zen Life jewelry, and the person who wears it, always stand out as unique and original in a world that may sometimes seem obsessed with imitation and conformity. 

Our genuine gemstones are created by nature, not by artificial processes

While shopping locally or on the internet, you may see jewelry with brightly colored stones at prices that seem too good to be true. The truth is that there are many artificial gemstones in the marketplace that are made from glass, composites, and other inexpensive materials that have been painted or dyed to mimic the appearance of genuine gemstones, and these materials are often available at a fraction of the cost of true gemstones. If real gemstones are important to you, pay careful attention to the authenticity of the gemstones in your jewelry. In an industry that sources precious stones from around the globe, the origin of materials and the reputation of sources also deserve consideration. Since Global Zen Life will never knowingly do business with sources that fund conflict or human rights abuses, our diamonds and other gemstones are sourced only from reputable vendors. While they cost a bit more, we believe it is the right thing to do.

Like nature, our jewelry is designed to endure through the ages

Because Global Zen Life jewelry is true heirloom jewelry, we use only solid silver and solid gold pieces on our bracelets, as opposed to inexpensive base metals with thin plating that may look great initially but will typically degrade quickly. On jewelry such as bracelets that are worn routinely and exposed to bumps and scrapes, thin coatings over base metal will often wear off in a matter of months. On some of our necklaces and other jewelry that is less likely to be bumped and scraped on a daily basis, we offer high-quality gold plating over solid silver. Since gold and silver are both precious noble metals, they resist corrosion and bond well together, providing a more durable, longer-lasting finish than the coated base metals such as stainless steel, lead, brass, or pewter often used in costume jewelry. The jewelry that is right for you depends on many factors, such as your budget, how often you plan to wear your jewelry, and how long you would like it to last. When you choose Global Zen Life jewelry, you are investing in genuine gemstones and precious metals that stand the test of time.