Our Community

Global Zen Life is more than distinctively designed adornments inspired by nature, we are a community with members as unique and original as our handcrafted artisan jewelry

While we vary in our backgrounds, languages, appearances, cultures, and lifestyles, we are all members of the same race - human. We embrace and celebrate our diversity, and we believe that our core values help guide us toward a Global Zen Life.

We value meaningful connections, and we care about all people

We realize that our lives are built on a series of connections. Whether sharing amazing new adventures with our closest family, friends, and significant others, interacting with our local community members in our daily lives, or reaching out to someone across the globe, we understand that our capacity for love, kindness, and empathy is what makes us human and we strive to strengthen the bonds that bring us together.

We value action and adventure, and we never shy away from life’s experiences

We understand that our personal experiences and challenges make us who we are. For a moment, visualize a unique experience in your life. Recall the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of the experience. Describe them to yourself in your mind, and you realize that they are a part of you. Now, consider that you had never had that experience. What would you have seen, and heard, and felt in your mind? It isn’t always easy or convenient to pursue a new challenge or adventure, but when we recall that the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step, we take a step closer toward living a Global Zen Life.

We value our natural world, and we are dedicated to protecting our planet and all of its inhabitants

We appreciate that we are one with our natural environment. Whether lying on a sparkling beach looking out over crystal turquoise waters, feeling the crisp wind on your face as you crest a majestic mountain peak, listening to a chorus of animal sounds while hiking through dense rainforest, or simply marveling at the beauty of nature while taking a walk around the block, we hold a deep reverence for the planet that gives us life and we commit to caring for her as she has cared for us.
If you would like to join our community, please connect with us and help us grow from your experiences. If you are already a member of the Global Zen Life community, please help inspire and enrich our community by spreading the word and sharing photos wearing your Global Zen Life jewelry and clothing on your adventures. And when you run across other community members wearing Global Zen Life, be sure to introduce yourself and make a connection. We conceive of our community as a diverse group of souls on a common journey to lead a Global Zen Life, and the stronger and more active our community becomes, the closer we all move toward making the world a kinder, more interesting, and more beautiful place to live!